New Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility

New “Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility” which is GUI based is now available on the VMware-labs

This is a boon to many of the administrators  , who were earlier using the CLI utility or even the Regular vCenter servers in the same SSO domain . This new tool will allow administrators to XVmotion the VMs between vcenter servers that are not in the same SSO Domain . Also allows XVMotion between a vcenter running any flavour of 6.0 to a 6.5 vcenter server . However XVmotion doesnt work the other away around that is between a 6.5 vCenter to another 6.0 Vcenter server . All XVmotion between the same releases should work smoothly .



Steps  to download and install / usage is available under instructions , tried them out *ONLY on your labs not production its officially not supported * . Here is my first impressions

1.Download and launch the tool using cmd prompt .
















2. Used the Port 31000 on the local machine , I launched the tool .

















3. Launch the Browser , on the same local machine where you had installed the tool , i.e http://localhost:31000 , you will be in the landing page.
















4. Now I added two vcenter server to kick off an xVmotion task , on the landing page  select : Migrate ⇒ Register , you will be asked to fill up your site deteails , vcenter hostname/user/password  and submit . Follow the same proceed to add both your source and destination  vcenter server . Here I chose a 6.0 vcenter as my source and a 6.5U1c Vcenter as my destination (Note**: These are not in the same SSO Domain)

If there were issues while registering your vCenters , see the cmd-prompt logging , find out the error .

Ex :

01:02:41 INFO Registering site 6.5Vcenter-vSAN for vc:
01:02:51 ERROR Could not connect to vcenter
com.vmware.xvm.XvmException: com.vmware.vim25.InvalidLoginFaultMsg: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.






























5. Initiate your migration .

NOTE*Do not use a DOT”.” on your site name , you will encounter on Error fetching site details when you choose the source or destination while initiating XVmotion .

NOTE*You must have Cross vMotion license between the source hosts and destination host , other wise you may see an Error at the source vcenter for licensing .

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